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Why A Round Garden Building Can Be Good For Mental Health and Wellbeing

In these trying times, mental health and wellbeing have never been more important. At a time when stress levels are high, and many people are struggling, let’s take a look at how a round garden building could be good for your mental health and help you keep a level head, stay calm and find peace in difficult times:

Round Forms Are Comforting

The curving form of a round building has a natural womb-like quality that can help us feel safe and cocooned. Without such harsh corners and sharp angles, a round building can be a more comforting space than a traditional square or rectangular room. Circles and more organic forms help us to feel less at odds with the natural world. They can help us feel that we have broken out of the ‘little boxes’ society forces upon us, and allow our minds to expand beyond the confines of our immediate situation and environment.

A Round Garden Building Helps Us Connect With Nature

By feeling more grounded and organic, a round garden building allows us to feel we are part of the natural surroundings, rather than being separate and apart. With plenty of glazing looking out on green scenes and beautiful garden views, a round garden building can help us enjoy a spot of ‘forest bathing’ type connection with the growing world around us. Spending some time in such a building, with the doors thrown wide to welcome in the spring, we can derive pleasure and relaxation from observing and enjoying the changing seasons. While enjoying a certain level of protection from the elements, we can enjoy gardens and green spaces, which have been proven to have a profoundly positive effect on our mental health.

A Round Garden Building Could Boost Resilience

Building resilience, as an individual and as a household, will be key to overcoming challenges and getting through difficult times. One great way to boost resilience is to spend some alone-time working on your coping strategies. The relaxing space within a round garden building could provide you with the perfect place to do so. It can give you a space to withdraw to work on your inner resources and ‘recharge’. Building resilience is also about learning new skills. And a round garden building could be a great place to work on honing age-old skills such as gardening and growing, woodworking or crafts. By giving you a new space for home growing, or for making and doing, a round garden building could also be a place where you can boost household resilience, and do more for yourself to boost your family’s self-reliance.

Round Buildings Could Help Keep You Productive

Remaining productive when so much is out of our control can help us to feel calmer and more settled. Working from home can be easier if you have a round garden building in which to do so. The tranquil feel to such buildings means they can make ideal home offices or workshops in which to work. Staying busy and channelling stresses into productivity and work can be a good way to make sure you feel in control. And taking charge of the things you can control can help make things you cannot control feel more manageable. Maintaining some form of routine in your daily life can also help with mental health and well-being, and stop you from feeling completely adrift.

Round Garden Buildings Can Help You Find Solace in Creativity

Creativity can also be key in helping you maintain an equilibrium through challenging times. Round garden buildings can help you to think creatively. Breaking out of the square or rectangle can somehow free the mind for creative pursuits. This means that a round garden building can be perfect not only for a home office, but also for a home studio, art space or crafting area.

Whichever forms of creativity you like to engage in, keeping your mind and hands occupied will be easier when you have one of these useful spaces in which to do so. Whether you create alone or with your family, a round garden building can be a place where a creative mind can thrive.


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