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Water Landscaping Ideas Around a Round Garden Building

Water can add a touch of magic to any garden, and a round garden building just adds to that magical, fairytale vibe. Water landscaping ideas can help bring a garden scheme together, centred around a beautiful round garden building. From more simple water features to more dramatic and ambitious schemes, water around a round garden building can really bring the magic to life. 

Add Guttering and a Rain Chain and Barrel for Music Every Time it Rains

One of the first things to consider when it comes to managing and using water around a round garden building is collecting rainwater from its roof. You can simply add guttering and a standard water butt. But to enjoy the sound of running water when it rains, and to create harmony with the natural sounds around your new garden building, you might like to think about adding a rain chain.

Rain chains allow rainwater to trickle down musically into a receptacle at the base – such as an old wooden barrel, for example. Adding one can help you improve the soundscape, creating spaces which sound as good as they look. 

Ring Your Round Garden Building With a Fish-Filled Moat

A fish pond can be another interesting feature of a garden. And these can come in a range of shapes and sizes. In larger gardens, you might even be able to consider a pond which provides fish that you could eat. 

You could simply create a typical round or organically shaped pond outside your round garden building. But you could also create a ring pond – and turn your round garden building into your own miniature castle with its own little moat. 

You might have a permanent bridge across this moat to your garden building, or, if you have a little whimsy, even make your own drawbridge that you can pull up. 

Fish ponds do not have to be merely ornamental. As well as considering stocking the moat with freshwater fish, you might also look into simple aquaponics systems, which allow you to grow food over the water, to take advantage of the nutrients the fish provide. 

Add a Meandering Stream Around a Round Garden Building

Many love the sound of running water. If you are one of them, you might also consider placing a round garden building in a loop in a meandering stream running through your space. Solar-powered pumps can provide the power to keep the water moving in an eco-friendly way. 

Your stream can be filled with natural rocks and stones to create eddies in the stream and to create the lovely sounds of a babbling brook. If there is an elevation change on the site, you might even create your own little waterfall on your property. 

Add Decking in Front of a Round Garden Building Overhanging a Wildlife Pond

If you love to watch wildlife, a wildlife pond is one of the best features you could possibly add to your garden. These water features attract a wide range of different creatures. Gazing out over a wildlife pond can be a wonderfully relaxing experience. 

You might be able to create a pond close to a round garden building, and even have decking in front of the structure which protrudes out over the water, allowing you to sit and gaze down to see the frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies and more below you. 

Or Even Exit Your Round Garden Building Into a Natural Swimming Pond

In large gardens, especially in warmer areas, you might even consider creating decking outside a round garden building that allows access to a natural swimming pond, where you can dip your toes in the water on hot summer’s days, or even take a swim. 

Thinking about how you can incorporate both round garden buildings and water into your garden can help you turn your space into a truly magical and stunningly beautiful place to be. 


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