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Watching Wildlife From a Round Oak Garden Building

A round oak building can be a great choice for nature lovers. It can provide the perfect place for watching wildlife. A round oak building can work well in a wide range of settings, and will sit easily in its environment in a way that rectangular or square buildings simply cannot. If you love nature, and want to create a comfortable inside space from which to enjoy it, a round oak garden building could be the perfect choice for you. 

Why is a Round Building Good For Watching Wildlife?

A round building differs from other human structures, with hard corners. A round building can blend far organically into its environment. And one built from natural materials such as wood is even more able to do so. This can allow it to ‘disappear’ into the background in a way in which more typical structures cannot. 

The less visible a building is, and the less it stands out as an unnatural and man-made object, the less likely wildlife is to avoid it. A wide range of wildlife will simply not see the building as something separate and apart, but will simply come to accept it as a part of the ecosystem they call home. 

Where to Position a Round Oak Building for Watching Wildlife?

Where you choose to position a round oak building will be important. Of course, where your oak garden building is placed will have a bearing on what wildlife you will be able to see. 

Many round oak buildings happily find a place in a garden. And a garden can be a surprisingly good location for wildlife watching. You do not have to be miles and miles away from areas of human habitation to see a wide range of interesting creatures. 

To stand the best chance of seeing interesting wildlife, you should consider positioning a round oak building:

  • Overlooking a pond, watercourse or other body of water.
  • Facing towards an area of diverse perennial planting, with plenty of food and habitats for a range of wildlife. 
  • With a view of known nest sites or animal dens or burrows.
  • Looking out over a far-ranging view of the countryside or surrounding area from a higher vantage point.
Making a Round Oak Garden Building Blend Into Its Environment

Wherever you position your round oak building, you can improve its efficacy as a wildlife ‘hide’ by cloaking it with further camouflage. To make your round garden building blend into its environment you can:

  • Plant shrubs and layered polyculture planting right up to the edges of the structure.
  • Position trees tactically close by to cast dappled shade over the structure.
  • Plant climbing and vining plants to grow up and over the building itself. 
Attracting Wildlife To The Vicinity of Your Round Oak Building

You may already have some great wildlife spots in your garden or nearby, and have positioned your round building to take advantage of them. But there is more you can do to attract wildlife to your garden, or to the vicinity of your round oak building. For example, you could:

  • Create a wildlife pond or water feature if you do not already have one.
  • Plant, plant and plant some more to increase the biodiversity in your outside space and attract more wildlife in. Plant flowers for butterflies, bees and other insects, for example, and berries, seed-producing plants etc. for birds and other creatures. 
  • Create layered planting schemes with plenty of shelter for wildlife to hide in.
  • Leave dead wood and brush piles for invertebrates and other animals.
  • Place bird feeders, squirrel feeders and bird baths within view of the new round building.
  • Put up bee hotels, bug hotels, butterfly houses, bird boxes, bat boxes etc..

Place your round oak building in your garden, and turn your garden into a wildlife haven. When you do so, you will find that your new structure will provide a wonderful place for watching wildlife for many years to come. 


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