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Using a Gazebo for a Garden Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, it can be difficult to know what will work out in the current climate. It can be difficult to make plans for the future when we are living in such an uncertain world. But one way to simplify your wedding plans is to plan a sustainable outdoors event in your own back garden. A gazebo can be the perfect altar, an ideal centrepiece for a small and intimate garden wedding. 

The Benefits of a Garden Wedding

Many people these days are looking for sustainable wedding ideas. And there are few ideas more sustainable than getting married in a beautiful garden – especially if that garden is your own. A sustainable wedding means thinking about the costs of the event – not just financial costs but the costs to the environment too. 

If you get married in your garden, you can have a small and intimate event with a lower carbon footprint. You and your guests won’t have to travel far for the event, saving on emissions associated with transportation. And all your choices can be low impact and kind to the planet and people since you will be able to control all aspects of the big day from beginning to end. 

Why a Gazebo is a Perfect Centrepiece for a Garden Wedding

A beautiful wooden gazebo can be the perfect centrepiece for an intimate garden wedding. It can be a backdrop for stunning wedding photos, and the ideal spot for an exchange of vows. Plus, if you grow beautiful flowers like climbing roses up the structure, you won’t have to shell out on lots of bought hothouse flowers, or import floral arrangements from elsewhere. 

A gazebo can also be strung with beautiful solar lighting for the reception. And in the evening hours, could be a place from which to serve drinks and/or the sustainable, local buffet food you have selected.  

So both for the ceremony itself, and for the celebration afterwards, a gazebo could be very useful and make it easier for you to put on the perfect green wedding event. 

People spend a fortune on a single wedding day. But investing in a gazebo is an investment that you won’t just enjoy for a day, but can continue to enjoy in your garden over the years to come. For a sustainable wedding, that makes far more sense than shelling out on a venue and other things that won’t add value to your life long term. 

Preparing a Gazebo for an Intimate and Eco-Friendly Garden Wedding

If you are planning a wedding in your garden then choosing a gazebo is, of course, the first step. The perfect wood framed gazebo can look beautiful, whether you want something classic, or are going for a more contemporary vibe. Once you have created your gazebo and positioned it in the perfect place in your garden, there are plenty of other things to think about to make it the perfect centrepiece for your wedding event.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, is creating the perfect planting around your gazebo. Something like climbing roses will give a classic look. But there are also plenty of other plants to place to climb and surround the structure that can elevate it into something extra special, no matter what styles you like for your garden and your wedding day. 

As mentioned above, eco-friendly lighting options – solar fairy lights, or lanterns filled with shimmering candles, for example, can really help to create a romantic vibe.  As well as decorating with living plants and lighting, you can also enhance your new gazebo in other ways. Often, using a range of natural or reclaimed materials, you can enhance the visual appeal of the structure and set the scene for your unique celebration. A gazebo works well within a classic wedding theme, and can also suit a rustic and earthy vibe, a chic and classy event, or a whacky boho extravaganza. The finishing touches you add can help create an ambience perfect for you and your partner to tie the knot. 

If you want a wedding that is kind to people and the planet, as well as reflecting your own personality and style, then a back garden gazebo wedding could be the perfect way to go. And of course, the gazebo will still be there afterwards, giving you daily reminders of your special day. 


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