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Use a Round Garden Building as a Seed-Starting Haven

A round garden building can have an almost endless range of uses. But perhaps one of the most useful ways to use one is to help you with your home growing efforts. You can think of a round garden building not just as a place to relax and enjoy your garden, but also as a place where you can enhance it. You could begin to think of your round garden building as the ultimate, luxury potting shed. So let’s talk about using a round garden building as a seed-starting haven.

Setting Up To Sow Seeds in Your Round Garden Building

Once you have your round garden building in place, you can easily get set up with a great layout for seed sowing and garden preparation. You can set up a potting bench, and have everything you need for seed germination and seedling care close at hand. You can even consider setting up some grow lights and perhaps some heated propagators too so you can start seeds and grow throughout the year – even potentially in the middle of winter. 

With plenty of light coming in from outdoors, if a round garden building is positioned correctly, it could be used to grow houseplants or more exotic plants all year round. But even if you do most of your gardening and growing outdoors, your round garden building can still come in handy as a place to sow seeds when you cannot sow directly outside. 

Seeds To Sow Over the Winter Months

If you wanted, you could grow plants like lettuce, pea shoots, micro-greens like cress etc. in your round garden building. These could be sown at any time and won’t take long at all to provide a small harvest. 

There are also other seeds to consider sowing over the winter months, very early in the new year. A well kitted out round garden building could make it much easier for you to do so successfully. 

For example, you could sow tomatoes and peppers from January or February, to get them to a good size for planting outdoors in spring once the weather warms. You can also sow early peas and broad beans under cover early, to get an earlier crop and to avoid losing the seeds to hungry rodents and other creatures in your garden…

Getting a Head Start in Spring

There are plenty of other popular crops that you can sow early in the year to plant out in your garden once the weather warms. Direct sowing usually means waiting until April at the earliest for most crops and may mean waiting until June for warm weather crops. 

But if you have a round garden building you can use it to sow under cover and care for seedlings before it is time to harden them off and transplant them to their final growing positions in your garden. Open up the windows of your round garden building on fine days in late winter/ early spring and this can serve as a ‘halfway house’ for seedlings – and lessen the shock of being moved outdoors full time. 

Another benefit to having such a comfortable ‘potting shed’ is that you are far more likely to actually want to get out there and get started. Which is another reason why a round garden building could give you a head start in spring and get your garden growing strong sooner rather than later. 

It is always a great idea to grow your own. But gardening to provide food for yourself and your family need not be a chore. It can be a lot of fun. And a great potting shed in your garden will make the process a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. So this is just one more reason to consider adding a round garden building wherever you live. 


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