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Top Garden Resolutions for 2023

If you are lucky enough to have a garden then your key goal for 2023 should be to make the most of it. As you make your resolutions for this year, here are five top garden resolutions that should become part of your goals:

1. Spend More Time in Your Garden

Anyone who has a garden, no matter how large or small, should make the resolution simply to spend more time in it! The worst thing that you can possibly do with your garden is nothing at all. 

What precisely spending time in your garden looks like for you is a personal and individual thing. But we can all agree that spending more time in your garden is the first step towards making the most of it and, for anyone, that is a worthy goal. 

Scientists agree that we can all benefit from spending more time in a natural environment. And our gardens, no matter how imperfect at present, can allow us to get up close and personal with nature around us. 

Of course, the weather often makes it unappealing to spend time outdoors. But with a round garden building or gazebo, we can be somewhat protected from the elements, and still feel some nature connection. 

So this year, think about buildings, features, planting and other elements of a design that will encourage you, personally, to spend more time in your garden. Then take the necessary steps to create a garden that you really will want to spend time in. 

2. Use Your Garden To Grow Your Own 

One great garden resolution to consider also involves making the most of the outside space available to you. Remember, a garden is not just a great place to spend time. It can also be a truly productive and beautiful area.

This year, take the first steps, however small, to start growing your own food and other resources where you live. You do not need to choose between growing food and having an ornamental garden. With the right layout, garden buildings and structures, and the right plants for the right places, you can definitely have both. 

3. Embrace Your Garden For Better Work/Life Balance 

Growing your own food and other yields at home is one way to improve both your physical and mental health. But it can also be interesting to consider how your garden can help you reduce stress, feel calmer, and get the work/life balance that we all need. 

Adding a round garden building could provide a space for work (a home office or workshop separate from your home). That could help you make sure that you have a clear separation between your day job and leisure time. 

Spaces within your garden – both those created by planting, and built structures like a round garden building or gazebo that fit into the surroundings organically –  can also create wonderful recreational spaces that you can use in your leisure time in a range of different ways. 

This year, make it your resolution to make sure that your garden provides for both work and play – letting you find the right balance between the different areas of your life. 

4. Work With Wildlife & Create Wildlife-Friendly Spaces 

The perfect garden should work for wildlife as much as it does for you. As you think about where to place garden structures and what to plant where you should consider how to ensure that wildlife is also welcomed and catered for within the space. 

Wildlife is under threat and we can all play a role in our gardens – helping to combat biodiversity losses and protecting pollinators and the many other beneficial creatures who share our space, and aid us in our growing efforts. 

If you make only one garden resolution this year – vow to garden organically, and do all you can for the wildlife living in your area. They will not be the only ones to benefit – you certainly will too. A garden rich in wildlife is easier to maintain and far more likely to stand the test of time. 

5. Plan & Prepare for a Holistic Garden Design

Thinking about making a garden you actually want to spend time in, somewhere you can obtain yields of food and far more, which welcomes wildlife as well as people, are just some things to consider when you resolve to create a holistic garden design. 

Planning and preparation are key to creating a garden design you can be proud of. But a garden will not come together on its own. Spending some time thinking about buildings you want to include, water, access, planting etc. and truly getting to know your garden will help you immeasurably in creating a great design. 

So make it a garden resolution for 2023 to delve deeper, look more closely, and really think carefully, plan and prepare to make the most of your garden, and make the most of the outside space you have available. 



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