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Tips For Sustainably Furnishing a Round Oak Building

Choosing a round oak building is a sustainable choice. Timber from well-managed sources can be a very eco-friendly material. So now that you have made the decision to erect a round oak building on your property, you don’t want to have a negative impact on planet and people when furnishing it. We want to help you keep up the good work, and continue to be part of the transition to a low-carbon future. So here are some tips for sustainably furnishing a round oak building:

Consider Taking a DIY Approach

Reducing the about of new items that you buy new is one of the key steps towards a more sustainable way of life. So one option to consider when furnishing your new round oak building is to take a DIY approach. Purchase wood from a sustainable source (or even harvest it from your own property). Make your own built-in seating. Or learn how to make greenwood furniture. Develop skills in joinery and woodworking that will stand you in great stead when moving to a more sustainable way of life.

Choose Natural Materials

Of course, whether you decide to make your own furniture, or buy some, it is very important to opt for items made from natural materials. Synthetic materials are polluting and their manufacture contributes to global warming. They take a lot of energy and resources to produce and will pose a waste problem at the end of their useful lives. Items made from natural materials (like your oak round building itself) will decompose naturally. They will not leave a waste problem for future generations to solve.

Consider Second-Hand Furniture for Your Round Oak Building

It is important to remember that you may not need to buy or make new furniture at all. You may be able to find the perfect second-hand or antique pieces of furniture. Older pieces may fit perfectly into your round oak building. By using second hand items, you can keep them out of the waste stream for longer, and avoid the carbon cost of creating new items too. Check out charity shops, antiques shops, jumble sales and online marketplaces to find the perfect vintage items for your new round living space.

Sustainably Furnish Your Round Oak Building By Upcycling

You may not find the perfect second-hand piece of furniture to slot right into your new round oak building. Even so, pre-loved items could still be the perfect eco-friendly furnishing solution. You might be able to upcycle older pieces of furniture to make them fit your needs. A lick of paint, a strip and polish, or some other minor overhaul may be all they need to fit your new scheme down to the ground.

You could also consider upcycling a range of other items to make furniture, soft furnishings and other items for your new round garden building. Even items that would otherwise be destined for the dump can bring a touch of luxury to your outside living area when upcycled in the right way. For example, you could consider upcycling an old whisky barrel for a coffee table, or an old oil drum to make various items of furniture.

Scrap wood, scrap metal and a wide range of other materials can be repurposed in a range of different ways. You could also, for example, use scrap fabric to make your own cushions and blinds for your new luxury outdoor living area.

Commission One-Off Pieces of Furniture for Your Round Oak Building

If none of the ideas above appeal, or you simply don’t feel you have the time, you could simply reach out to a local craftsperson. There are now a number of artisan crafters and furniture makers around the UK who are keeping traditional crafts alive. One great way to respect the craft that went into making your round building is to commission one-off pieces of sustainable furniture to complement the construction. You may even be able to get pieces specifically to fit the curving shape of your new garden building.


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