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Throwing the Perfect Party in Your Garden with a Round Garden Building

While of course we still have to be careful and follow the rules and guidelines, optimism is in the air. And many people are looking forward to the return of greater freedoms and the time when we can gather with somewhat larger groups of friends and family. Planning and dreaming about future garden parties can be fun, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for when we can welcome larger groups of visitors once more. A round garden building could be perfect for parties in future, and now could be a great time to get your dreams off the ground. 

A round garden building could become a bar area or space with seating, or somewhere to dine. It can be the perfect epicentre for an epic event. Whether you have a lot of guests, or just a handful, a garden building could make it much easier for you to entertain them in style. And when you have a timber garden building in place, you won’t need to worry about the weather putting a crimp in your style. 

Why a Round Garden Building Could Be a Perfect Party Space

Parties can take many forms in a garden. They can be classy and sedate affairs, or something a bit wilder. No matter what kind of party you enjoy, a round garden building can help you put on the perfect event. 

  • A round garden building can be perfect for a small intimate gathering of friends. Enjoy great conversation, a few drinks, and perhaps some music. The acoustic properties of a round building could make it the perfect space for performance, or a jam.
  • Round garden buildings can also be perfect for setting a table for semi-al fresco dining without the risk of the whole thing being rained off. Whether you cook outdoors or in your kitchen, a round garden building gives you a beautiful space in which to eat. 
  • Set up a bar inside your round garden building at it can be the hub of an evening garden party. And if you have power to the structure, you’ll have an easy way to keep drinks cool and make sure the lighting sets the scene.

Sustainable Garden Party Ideas

Throwing the perfect party is not all about the here and now. The best parties have an eye on the bigger picture, and on the long term. A garden party is a perfect opportunity to show that you care about people and our planet. It is an opportunity to make eco-friendly choices and throw a sustainable celebration. When you throw a party in your own round garden building, in your own garden, you are in control. You can make choices that are low impact, and don’t do harm to the environment. 

For example, you can:

  • Serve sustainably sourced, local, seasonal, organic food and drink.
  • Decorate with natural or reclaimed materials.
  • Use reusable tableware and utensils, throwing a zero waste bash. 
  • Save leftovers, reduce food waste and compost whatever is left.
  • Think about energy, and use renewable energy for cooking, lighting etc..

When throwing a sustainable party, finding a sustainable venue can be a major part of the puzzle. But when you have a timber round building in your garden, that part is taken care of already. So you will have the time to put more effort into finding other sustainable solutions for your event. 

You might not be able to throw your perfect party just yet. But getting a round garden building in place could mean that you will be ready when the time does come. So turn your dreams into reality and order your round garden building right away. It could become the scene of many parties in your garden in the years to come. 


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