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Surviving Lockdown With a Round Garden Building

A round garden building from Imagiine can be a wonderful thing. Now, more than ever, it is important for us all to make the most of our gardens. But why exactly is a round garden building a good idea? In this post, we’ll take a look at why one of these structures could help you maintain your equilibrium and make surviving lockdown a whole lot easier:

 Round Garden Building is a Relaxing Place to Be

There is something very soothing about a circular space. You just don’t get the same feeling of relaxation in a typical square or rectangular structure, with its straight lines and hard angles. We all need, especially in trying times, to build time into our days for peace and tranquil reflection. Whether you use the space simply to sit, think and gaze at your garden, to meditate, pray, or do some yoga, a round garden building can give you the environment you need to really de-stress and relax. 

A Round Garden Building Could Give You Some Quiet Time

With everyone at home so much more of the time, a round garden building could give you somewhere to escape from those you love the most! No matter how close and connected your family may be, being together 24-7 can be a challenge. A round garden building could give you the perfect place to retreat to when family time becomes too much. 

It Could Be the Perfect Place to Work From Home

Many more people are working from home at present. For some, it can be a delightful improvement to their way of life. But many others are struggling to make the transition to home working. Busy households are not always conducive to productive working. With the vacuum cleaner going, kids playing, and lots of distractions at every turn, it can be a challenge to stay focussed. A quiet and relaxing round structure at the bottom of your garden could give you the workspace you need. 

A Round Garden Building Might Be Great For Keeping Kids Entertained

One of these structures could also be the perfect place to send your kids so you can get on with some work, or do some chores indoors without everyone underfoot. You could make one of these garden buildings a dedicated kids play space, or kit it out for reading, crafting or other quiet pursuits. It could also become a special den for kids, with no adults allowed. This will not only be good for you – it could also help them retain some sense of normality too. 

And It Is Also Ideal for Home Schooling Activities

Alternatively, one of these garden buildings could become a space for more structured child-centred activities too. Home schooling does not always come naturally to those who are not used to it. But it is very important to make sure our kids keep learning, even when schools are shut. A garden building could create the perfect setting for home education activities – or even become a dedicated classroom for those who are learning at home. Separating your schooling space from your living space can make it easier to get your children into the learning mode and keep them focussed on the things you want to teach.

A Round Garden Building is a Good Place For You To Learn Too

It is not just the kids who could use one of these garden buildings as a place to learn. You could use the space for your own learning too. Learning is important – we are never too old to learn new things. In a quiet and relaxing space in your garden, you could read, go online, or take up a range of new hobbies to let you build a range of important new skills. 

It Could Help You Get Started With Growing Your Own

One important skill to learn right now is gardening. When you are lucky enough to have a garden, you have a duty to make the most of it. Growing your own food (or at least some of it) is a great way to boost your household’s resilience and self-reliance. It can help you feel more in control. Growing your own will be easier with a warm and bright garden building where you can sow seeds and pot up plants. Getting growing could also be a way for you to help your community, and give back to those who are playing their roles in getting our country back on its feet. 

Or Give You The Perfect Place to Get Creative

Mental health is hugely important. And one way to make sure you stay sane during lockdown is to spend some time getting creative. Creativity can be a great way to expand your horizons, calm your spirits, and soothe your mind. So why not get a round garden building and get painting or drawing. You are sure to find inspiration all around you in the natural surroundings of your garden. 

Or Let You Exercise More Freely At Home

As well as getting out for your walks, runs, or cycles, it is also important to stay active at home. Spending time in your garden is a great way to get moving. But if you have a round garden building, you could also use it to exercise at home come rain or shine. One of these structures could become a yoga or keep-fit studio, or even a small home gym. Staying active is another important way to maintain physical and mental health during these difficult times. 

You might be amazed by just how useful, versatile, and flexible one of these round garden buildings can be. So why not contact us today? And let us help you turn surviving into thriving, no matter what the future holds. 


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