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Imagiine Round Garden Buildings is part of Loosehanger Oak. Our round buildings are proudly designed and manufactured by our own skilled craftsmen in the UK and constructed by our own trained installers.

Our beautiful cedar or oak framed round buildings are available in 3 and 4 metre diameter – 5 metre coming shortly. They are almost infinitely versatile and can be used for a huge range of different uses, in domestic and commercial settings. They are designed to enhance your life, and are structures ideally suited to luxury outdoor living.

Round buildings have unique and special characteristics that make them ideal for a wide range of applications and settings. No matter what kind of space you are looking for, no matter whether you want a space for work, play, relaxation or recreation, a round building could be perfect for you.

Choose one of Imagiine’s round buildings and live life in the round! These structures are a truly green choice and provide all the ingredients for a better way of life. They can help you can elevate your garden or outside space for luxury outdoor living.

Our round buildings can be installed on your prepared site in around a week. Our skilled, professional and friendly installers will make the whole process easy and enjoyable from beginning to end. The structures are also fully linkable for extra space if needed, and we can install multiple round buildings either together or separately if required. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to begin your journey towards a beautiful round building to enhance your outside space.


Our round buildings are ideal for those who like things exactly to their specifications. We take care of the whole process from beginning to end. Our processes mean that you can add the ideal round oak building on your property more easily than ever before. But this does not mean that you have to have a garden building just like everyone else’s.

By listening to you, and making sure you are fully involved during decision making process, we can create a bespoke round building perfect for your site, and for you. You can:

  • Create bespoke glazing, with as much or as little glass as you wish.
  • Choose exactly where you would like to position windows and doors.
  • Decide the layout of solid and glass portions on your door or doors.
  • Choose what finish you would like inside your structure, on walls, floor etc.
  • Make small decisions regarding fittings etc to make sure the finished look is just right.

Our round buildings are fully bespoke – so you do not have to fit someone else’s mould. Why compromise, when you can have bespoke? We’ll be happy to talk through options and help you develop the layout and design. We can help you Imagiine and create the perfect round building – whatever if will be used for, and whoever will use it. We’ll help you bring luxury and style to your outdoors spaces.



All of our buildings are installed on either galvanised, groundscrews or fully adjustable pads specifically designed for timber garden structures. You do not need a concrete base. In the case of the groundscrew method no foundations are required, whilst the adjustable pads simply require a small concrete or compacted stone base for each pad. We’ll discuss the best option for you in respect of ground conditions when we undertake your site survey.


The floor sections for our wooden garden round buildings comprise 18mm high-quality exterior ply and C24 treated constructional timber and floor sections are joined with stainless steel fixings. The floors are designed to be long-lived and hard wearing, to maximise the lifetime of the structure and improve sustainability.


All of the walling sections for our round buildings comprise a 18mm pre-finished wallboard, which can come in a range of colours. Walls are composed of 125 x 70mm western red cedar or oak vertical struts, 22mm exterior ply binders, wall and base plates, a breather membrane and stainless steel fixings. 


The external cladding on the walls of our round structures is 19mm western red cedar. The cedar is channel grooved, vertical cladding and is joined with stainless steel fixings. It provides a weather-proof outer layer for the walls of our round buildings which with weather beautifully with time and which will further add to the enduring quality of our buildings.


All of our buildings are fully and highly insulated with Thermafleece natural insulation 100-150mm thick depending on the location within the structure. This is an eco-friendly, natural and highly efficient thermal and acoustic insulation material made from sheep’s wool from British farms and recycled fibres. This insulation means that our structures have excellent heat-retention properties and are very cosy and energy efficient spaces.


The roofing sections of our round buildings comprise a 12mm pre-finished ceiling board, C24 treated constructional timber, 25mm Douglas fir sarking boards, breather membrane and stainless steel fixings. These materials help to create durable roofs that can weather whatever conditions the UK climate may bring.


The exterior of the roof on each of our round buildings is finished with no. 2 Certigrade blue or red western red cedar shingles with stainless steel fixings, lead capping and hardwood finial. Cedar shingles are a natural, attractive and long-lasting roofing material, perfect for sustainable construction.


All of our glazing units are fully floating, face fixed (no silicone). All glazing is 24mm double glazed with toughened Low E and argon filled glass. Low E coatings and argon fill can help to improve the R value of the glazing and improve the thermal efficiency of all our round buildings.


All of our French doors and windows are constructed from oak/western red cedar and are fitted with 24mm glazing as detailed. They have stainless steel hinges/hardware, and high security 5 lever lock and bolts. External stainless steel cabin hooks secure the doors in the open position.


Our standard lighting/power pack comprises 2 no. double socket outlets and double light switch, flat plate stainless, central roof pendant light, perimeter LED lights (dimmable) either warm white or colour changing RGB, WIFI link and 2 no stereo Bluetooth speakers.


Your round building will be delivered in sections at the required time and will be fully erected by our own trained installers. We provide an electrical safety certificate on completion. You will need to organise a suitable power supply to the side of the building, after which we can see the round building through to completion. Once installers are finished, your round building will be ready to use.



Our round garden buildings are expertly assembled into a series of sections, which will be delivered to your site on an agreed upon date. The building will then be carefully erected by our own team of fully trained installers.


We are proud to deliver round garden buildings of the very highest quality. To give you peace of mind about your purchase – we offer a 10-year (structural) guarantee on each and every build. These eco-friendly structures are truly built to last.



Our unique round garden buildings are designed and manufactured right here in the UK. Not only can you rest assured that they are of the highest quality, you can also rest easy knowing that they were made close to home, and won't cost the earth (literally or metaphorically) to reach your home.


We aim to make it easier than ever to enjoy the wonders of a round garden building. You will need to arrange a suitable power supply to the side of the building, after which we see everything through until the building is ready to use, including the provision of an electrical safety certificate upon completion.


For a free, no obligation site discussion/survey please complete the contact form or, if you have any initial questions, please call Gary for a chat.




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