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Should you noise-proof your garden building?

A garden building is a fantastic way to add additional living and working space to your property, often without the need for planning permission. The trouble is, sometimes they’re exposed to excessive noise pollution if they’re not built with adequate sound-proofing measures, such as double-glazing and wall insulation. Noise-proofing a garden building can be expensive and time-consuming, but it might be worth it if it gives you the peace and quiet you’re looking for. Here are four situations in which you should definitely consider noise-proofing your garden building.

  1. Your garden building is a workspace

Garden buildings are excellent home workspaces because they allow you to better separate your home life and working life. Many people find it easier to focus when they’re in a dedicated, clutter-free workspace, particularly if they can shut away noisy interruptions. If a workspace isn’t properly sound-proofed, these benefits are quickly lost so it can definitely pay to noise-proof a garden room which is used as a dedicated office or workspace.

  1. Your garden building is used for a noisy hobby

If you use a garden room for a hobby that produces lots of noise, such as playing an instrument or woodworking, it can be useful to noise-proof the building to keep sound in. Noise from musical instruments and power tools can easily travel into your house and disturb the rest of the family. Even worse, the noise you produce can cause irritation for neighbours.

To minimise the risk of noise complaints it might be wise to invest in noise-proofing measures. Similarly, if you use the space for a hobby that requires lots of quiet, such as recording music or practising yoga, soundproofing the space will help you achieve the perfect environment.

  1. Your garden building is close to a road

Road traffic is one of the most common types of noise complaints made to local authorities. If your property is situated near a busy road, it might be useful to noise-proof your garden building. Planting extra trees or bushes between the garden building and the road is a great place to start because plants are efficient at absorbing sound

  1. Your garden building is a guest bedroom

To create self-contained accommodation in a garden building you need to apply for planning permission and the building must meet building regulations. With sound insulation being covered in building regulations, you might need to soundproof your garden building to ensure it meets legal requirements. If you use the garden building as sleeping accommodation for guests on a very occasional basis but the space is primarily used for another purpose, planning permission and building regs compliance are often unnecessary. However, you may still choose to noise-proof the building to give occasional guests a more peaceful stay, particularly if you live in an urban area where there’s lots of noisy nightlife.

A garden building can give your home more space and flexibility, and when you noise-proof the building properly you can enjoy it with plenty of peace and quiet. If you’re looking for a luxury garden retreat with Thermafleece natural insulation made from sheep’s wool from British farms and recycled fibres please call Gary to book a site visit.

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