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Round Garden Buildings For Nature Schooling

Nature schooling is a hot topic right now, as many parents are thinking about what education really means, and many are having to take matters into their own hands. Creating a round garden building in your garden could make it easier to teach your children at home, and could be used in nature schooling in a range of different ways. 

What is Nature Schooling?

Nature schooling is about rejecting the idea that the only way to educate children is in a traditional classroom setting. It is about making sure that children learn what really matters, spend more time in natural environments, and feel a connection to and appreciation for the natural world. 

It is about recognising that nature can often be the best teacher. And that freeing children from box-ticking, screens and a traditional curriculum can open up their potential and make them better global citizens for the future. 

Nature schooling is not about giving up on maths and literacy, but about integrating these things, and other important lessons with wild, free time in nature, and focussing lessons around the natural world and its wonders. 

Why Take This Approach?

For the future of our planet and humanity, it is crucial that we make sure children have a connection to the natural world and understand the need for its preservation. Traditional schooling works for some. But many others are left behind, or do not fulfil their full potential. 

As a parent, you can spend time with your children in nature schooling, whether it is part of their formal educational framework, or something you do in your spare time. Research has shown that spending time in nature, and away from computer screens is crucial for childhood development and for emotional health and well-being. 

How a Round Garden Building Could Help

A round garden building can be a valuable addition for families with children of school age. There are many different ways in which such a structure can be used in lessons and learning, and for play. 

Having a round garden building rather than a more traditional garden building can help this outside living space feel more connected to the garden around it – it can free up your mind and your child’s to non-traditional, more natural and holistic, creative ways of thinking. 

A round garden building can be a place for quiet reading and contemplation – a restful space that is comfortable and inside, yet still feels much closer to the natural environment of the garden. 

It can also be a place where you and your children can explore nature-based learning together – growing your own food together, studying garden wildlife, or making nature artworks, for example. Come rain or shine, with a round garden building you will have a space for fun and knowledge. 

You and your children can leave the doors open on sunny days and let in the breeze, or shut things up and peep out when the rain pours or the wind blows. 

The round garden building can also be a place for unsupervised, independent play. A den or hideout where children can learn and grow on their own, free from adult direction. Giving children the space and freedom to make their own fun and be in nature on their own terms is also crucial for nature schooling. 

Whether they are enjoying the space alone, or you enjoy the space together, children can learn far more by spending time in a round garden building and the space around it than they can do in a traditional classroom. And they will be healthier and happier too. 

Think outside the box and get a round garden building for your outside space and you will never look back. It can enrich the lives and educational experiences of you and your children in a huge range of different ways, as you explore the wonders of the natural world together. 


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