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Planning the Perfect Tea Party in a Garden Gazebo

Planning the perfect tea party means having a great venue, first of all. And what better venue could you possibly have than a gazebo nestled within your beautiful and productive garden?

Welcoming guests for a summer tea party in a garden gazebo could be the perfect way to ‘Christen’ a new structure you have added to your garden.  And as long as you have planned and prepared well, it should be a delightfully refined and fun event that everyone can enjoy, making memories together to look back on fondly. 

Here are some tips to help you with planning the perfect tea party in a garden gazebo:

Set the Right Tone With Gazebo Decor and Planting

Of course, a gazebo is a great choice for a tea party because, while we all love to eat al fresco, there are so many occasions when the weather does not co-operate with our events. 

With a gazebo, you can be outdoors but still be protected by a roof that will prevent you and your guests from getting wet or having to retreat indoors if the weather is not as fine as you would wish. 

Of course, a gazebo will only be as pleasing as the setting in which it is placed. The planting around the structure can make a big difference when it comes to the atmosphere of the space. 

With the correct planting around a garden gazebo, you can set the tone perfectly for a classy, refined tea party, and make sure that the mood is right for your guests. 

Whether that is a wildflower meadow or a formal rose or knot garden, a woodland or water features, remember that as you enjoy a tea party in a gazebo – it is the surrounding garden that you will look out on. 

The natural and cultivated plants in the surroundings will form a big part of the décor when you are having an event like a tea party in your garden gazebo. But you might also wish to add lighting, bunting, or other features to further enhance the setting for your special event. 

Pay Attention to Your Tea Party Table

Of course, at the heart of your gazebo tea party will be the table around which you and your guests will congregate to eat and drink. A tea party requires more than just a table and chairs. A properly set table for a tea party is part of the experience. 

Think about using natural materials from the surrounding garden to make the perfect table centrepiece for your tea party. And of course, choose some of your best china and cutlery for the event. 

Adding little things like place mats and napkins with napkin rings might make your tea party feel more special than it might otherwise do. And make your guests feel appreciated. 

Serve the Perfect Food and Drink in your Garden Gazebo

Tea party food can be extra-special – simple delicacies over which a higher level of care has been taken. The perfect sandwiches, simple yet delicious and refined. Lovely cakes and other sweet treats. And of course, a cup of tea or other drinks to wash it all down. 

A summer tea party is the perfect opportunity for keen gardeners to show off some of the produce – fresh vegetables fruit and herbs in particular – that they have been able to grow. 

You might have sandwiches filled with your own homegrown cucumbers and other salad ingredients. You might bake using some fresh fruit from your garden. You might serve some herbal teas blended from plants you have grown yourself in your garden… there are many ways that you might serve your guests some things that you have grown. 

In your garden, with food and drink from your garden, your guests are sure to have a delightful time at your gazebo tea party. 


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