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Imagiine Round Garden Buildings is part of Loosehanger Oak, a well established, oak-frame building company whose name is synonymous with high quality, handcrafted oak buildings. This subsidiary has been set up to espouse the many benefits of round buildings, with their unique and special properties that make them ideal for a range of different settings, for human health and well-being, and for the planet as a whole. Unlike other garden building companies, we are not afraid to think outside the box. Live a luxurious life in the round and say no to boring square or rectangular structures! Say ‘no’ to boring right angles structures with flat roofs and bi-fold doors! In the world of garden buildings, our round garden buildings are truly something out of the ordinary.

Our round garden buildings are sustainable, green and built to last. They are created by our own skilled craftsmen right here in the UK, and are installed by our own team of skilled installers. We are passionate about round buildings and work hard to bring your round building dreams to life. No matter what kind of round building you are looking for, we can help you bring curve appeal to your life and build a circular structure that is right for you. There are so many benefits to choosing one of our round buildings, rather than one of the identikit structures that dominate the market! Imagiine is a passionate advocate for round buildings. We understand just how amazing such structures can be.

Not only are they beautiful to look at, they also speak to the natural world, and blend in perfectly in a wide range of natural settings. They are calm and peaceful structures, wonderful for our mental health and well-being, while also meeting all of our human material needs. Better still, our round buildings are good for the planet too – using fewer resources and natural, sustainable materials to make a better-built environment that does not cost the earth.

Loosehanger Oak has worked on a wide range of oak-framed building projects across the South of England and the Midlands region since we built our first oak building in 2004. We have a wide range of clients, happy to testify to the quality of our builds. Now, Imagiine round buildings work to bring the circle back to our built environments. These are high-quality structures, from a company you can trust. Oak (and other wood) is already a supremely natural building material, and building round structures allows us to take that one stage further and create builds that blend even better into their natural environment.

Our round buildings are designed to have minimal impact on the natural world and to allow clients to enjoy nature all around them while causing as little harm as possible. We are dedicated to providing a high quality of work and skill and exemplary service to each and every one of our round building projects. We use only the best, green building materials to make sure that each and every one of our luxury outdoors living structures stand the test of time and not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations.






Our round garden buildings are expertly assembled into a series of sections, which will be delivered to your site on an agreed upon date. The building will then be carefully erected by our own team of fully trained installers.


We are proud to deliver round garden buildings of the very highest quality. To give you peace of mind about your purchase – we offer a 10-year (structural) guarantee on each and every build. These eco-friendly structures are truly built to last.



Our unique round garden buildings are designed and manufactured right here in the UK. Not only can you rest assured that they are of the highest quality, you can also rest easy knowing that they were made close to home, and won't cost the earth (literally or metaphorically) to reach your home.


We aim to make it easier than ever to enjoy the wonders of a round garden building. You will need to arrange a suitable power supply to the side of the building, after which we see everything through until the building is ready to use, including the provision of an electrical safety certificate upon completion.


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