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Matching Paint Colours on a Round Garden Building to the Garden

Matching paint colours on a round garden building to the garden can help you elevate your garden design to the next level.  It can help such a structure, which already blends in quite naturally with the space due to its shape and materials, to fit in even better with its surroundings. It can also make the structure stand out a little, becoming a focal point with a far more contemporary feel…

Creating a Mood With Paint Colours

Choosing the right paint colours for any garden building means thinking not only about personal preference and how the structure itself looks but also about how the paint colours look in combination with the plants and other garden features that surround them. 

In order to make the right choices, you need to think about the particular mood that you wish to convey, and how you can achieve the atmosphere that you are going for through the colours you choose, and how those look when combined with other colours in your garden. 

Matching paint colours on a round garden building to the garden does not necessarily mean choosing like-colours. 

Sometimes, you might be going for a relaxed and harmonious mood and will want to select colours for your new garden building that blends it into its environment. Like or complementary colours will create this effect. 

Sometimes, you might be looking for a bolder and more challenging, energising look. In which case, picking colours that are strong, vibrant and contrasting with the colours around them can be a good idea. 

Complementary or Contrasting Colours?

Greens, cool creams, browns and other earthy, natural tones will tend to naturally complement the colours of many a well-planted garden. 

You might also pick out the bolder colours in particular flowers or other stand-out performers in your beds and borders and use those shades on the round garden building. 

Repeating the same colourways in your planting and on the structures in the garden can help everything blend together as a harmonious whole. 

If you want the flowers and plants to be the stars of the show in your garden, then you might wish to choose a deep, neutral black, grey or deep blue for your round garden building, allowing the building to recede into the background and the vibrancy of your plants to come to the fore. 

If you would prefer that the round garden building stand out, then you should consider painting it in a more vibrant hue, that stands in contrast with the predominant colours in the natural landscape or planting scheme around it. 

For example, a shade on the opposite side of the colour wheel from greens could be hot pinks, reddish or orangey hues…

Whether you want to be subtle or bold, you can think outside the box when it comes to choosing paint colours for your round garden building. 

Holistic Design when Matching Paint Colours

But whichever decisions you make, it is always important to consider that choice within the broader context of your garden. It is important to make sure that the paint colour you choose works within the garden as a whole. 

Paint colour and all other details about the buildings and other structures that you add in your garden should be decided within the framework of holistic design. In other words, you need to think about the whole, the big picture, before you hone in on the details. 

Think about how your garden will alter over the course of a year, and over the years to come, and make sure that any paint colours you choose will look good not just for a particular time period but over the whole of the year, and long-term. 

That way, you can make sure you will be very happy with your round garden building and your paint colour choices for many years to come. 


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