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Make Sure Your Garden Looks Great Year Round With a Round Garden Building

When you have a round garden building, carefully surrounded with beautiful plants, your garden can be a beautiful space that looks great year-round. As we start the new year, your garden may not yet be all you might wish. But with a round garden building and careful garden design, you can make sure your garden looks great through all the seasons to come. 

A Round Garden Building Blends Into the Natural Environment

One of the great things about a round garden building is that it has a more organic and natural shape, which can look more at home in any garden, no matter what time of the year it may be. Unobtrusive and natural, a round timber building can blend into the natural environment, enhancing rather than detracting from its beauty. 

Blending Built and Natural Garden Elements

The key is to think about how a round garden building can fit in with the planted elements of your garden – not just during one specific part of the year, but all year round. By choosing the right garden building and carefully thinking about your planting, you can combine the two to create a space that looks wonderful all year round. 

A Round Garden Building in Winter

In winter, the deciduous plants will drop their leaves and a round garden building may come to the fore, along with evergreen trees and shrubs which take their moment to shine. Subtle and understated, one of these garden buildings will not detract from the harsh beauty of the season. 

The wood tones can bring out the interesting bark and stems of plants placed for winter interest close by. Evergreen climbers placed against the structure can help blend it harmoniously in with other winter interest plants. 

A Round Garden Building in Spring

In the spring, fresh green growth bursting forth steals the focus, and a round garden building recedes into the background, unselfishly sharing the stage with the delicate buds and blooms of the season. 

Spring bulbs planted around the base, amid deciduous trees with their fresh green leaves can make it feel as though a round garden building has sprung organically from the ground in a fairytale woodland glade. And can become a place alive with birdsong and other sounds of spring, and a nesting spot or meeting place for birds and other wildlife. 

A Round Garden Building in Summer

In the summer, a round garden building can be lost among the sea of flowers and verdant foliage in a cottage garden, or nestle near a productive kitchen garden. Though not the star of the show, a round garden building can create microclimates of sunshine and shade, and perhaps collect water that can be used to allow the garden around it to flourish. 

It can be a space where you can escape the heat of the sun, and enjoy a shaded spot where you can relax and unwind on long summer’s days and linger on into the long evenings, even when there is a slight chill in the air. 

A Round Garden Building in Autumn

In autumn, the season of mists and magical foliage displays, a round garden building’s natural wood tones blend in perfectly with the russets, reds, oranges and yellows of the season. As the abundance of the summer begins to die back, the round garden building prolongs the season during which you can sit and simply enjoy your garden. 

Late season annuals and flowering perennials can linger long into autumn, enhancing your garden with rich, deep hues. And fruit trees around a round garden building can bear fruit in abundance, while berry bushes provide a feast for you, or for the birds and other wildlife. 

If you want to make sure your garden looks great year round, consider installing a round garden building and planting up around it with as much diversity as possible. This can help you make sure that your space continues to impress whatever the season, and whatever the weather may bring. 


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