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How To Create Privacy For a Round Garden Building

A round garden building can be a haven. It can be a nurturing sanctuary where you can escape from the stresses and strains of daily life. 

But when you are relaxing in a round garden building, the last thing you want is to feel that you are being watched. A sense of privacy is important in a garden, especially when you are in a city or a town and have a lot of neighbours close by. 

So here are some tips to help you avoid the feeling of prying eyes:

Plant Densely around Garden Boundaries

To create a sense of privacy in any garden, it can be a good idea to create lush, dense planting around the edges of the space. While many in search of privacy are tempted to erect tall fences, fences won’t give you the same sense of privacy and enclosure as dense hedgerows, tree and shrub-filled deep borders, or other lush planting schemes. 

Unlike a fence, layered and dense planting won’t just obscure parts of your garden from view. They can also reduce noise transmission from one garden to the next, and can enhance the sense that your garden is a natural and remote space, free from intrusions of all kinds. 

What is more, privacy is a feeling as much as a practical thing. With a more open garden with simple fencing, you may feel you can be observed even when no one can really see you. Dense vegetation surrounding a space, and being surrounded by green, can help us to feel more peaceful and calm. So if you plant densely, your garden may often feel more private and secluded, even if still a little overlooked. 

Think About Sight Lines

You may be tempted, in an overlooked garden, to build or grow taller and taller. But hemming in the garden on all sides with very tall plants or structures can sometimes make you feel rather hemmed in. Your garden should feel like a haven, not a fortress. 

Rather than creating height to obscure views all around, it can be better, when trying to create privacy for a round garden building, to think about sight lines. 

Take a careful look from the space where you intend to place a round garden building, or from the windows of the structure, if it has already been placed. Look at the windows you can see on surrounding homes, and any other vantage points that people might use to look into your space. Then think about how you can block the views of your location from that specific point. 

Sometimes, sight lines can be blocked with smaller plants closer by, rather than much larger trees or other structures closer to the boundaries of your property. 

Orient the Building Correctly

Another key thing to consider if you are placing a round garden building in your garden is which way it will face. The orientation of the round garden building can make a big difference not only to the light levels inside but also to how private it feels. 

If you are particularly overlooked from a particular direction, it might be worthwhile considering orienting the main areas of glazing to face in a different direction. Just make sure that you do not compromise on light levels too much. Remember, a building that faces north will not get anywhere near as much light inside as one which faces south. Facing east, you will get the morning sun. And facing west, you can enjoy the sunset. 

Place Screening for The Round Garden Building

While screening your garden from neighbouring properties is likely to be the main priority, you can also consider screening the round garden building from the back of your home. 

Psychologically, creating a division between the windows of the round garden building and the windows of your home can help you to feel less overlooked. 

You can create a series of ‘garden rooms’ within your space which help you go on a journey of discovery through the space and make the most of every inch of your garden. 


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