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How To Choose Where To Position a Round Oak Building

A round oak building can be the perfect choice for many different positions. They can look perfectly at home in a wide range of different environments. But if you are thinking about placing one on your property, you may wonder exactly where it should be positioned. Here are some tips to help you choose where to position a round oak building – no matter what exactly it will be used for:

Think About the Sun

One of the most important factors in deciding where to place your round building is the sun. How much, and when, the sun shines into your structure will make a big difference to its usability and comfort. In an ideal scenario, in the UK, the largest areas of glazing should face south. This will help to make sure that the building stays as light and warm as possible. This is one factor in what is known as passive solar design. In passive solar design, buildings are designed and positioned to allow them to make best use of the free energy that the sun provides. If the building faces east, it will catch the morning light. If it faces west, it will be bathed in sunlight later in the day. Thinking about these things can help you decide where a round building should be positioned, and where glazing should be. 

Consider the Prevailing Wind Direction & Other Environmental Factors 

The sun is not the only natural factor to consider. Our well-constructed round buildings can cope with whatever the weather may throw at them. Nonetheless, it can be helpful to think about how strong winds and other environmental factors will affect how pleasant the structure is to actually use. Choosing a sheltered spot, with wind-shielding provided by trees or other vegetation for example, could be a good idea. Of course, you should also consider carefully before positioning your structure in an area that may flood, or which is prone to waterlogging. Mostly, considering environmental factors is a matter of common sense. 

Think About Proximity To Other Buildings

Nature’s forces are of paramount concern. But the built environment should also be taken into account. Think about how other buildings nearby might affect the sun and shade. Consider how they might channel winds or block them. 

It is also a good idea to think about practicalities. How easy will it be for you to walk between your new oak building and your home, or other structures on site? Make sure you also take human patterns of movement into account. 

Consider Surrounding Vegetation & Privacy

It is also important to think about how trees and other vegetation will create shade, or otherwise alter the environment. Placing your round garden building in too shaded a spot may not be the best idea. There may also be concerns over falling branches etc.. 

But trees and other plants can also have immense benefits close to your new round building. They may serve as a windbreak, filter the air, reduce road noise, or screen an unsightly view. They might also be used to add a little more privacy, and screen your beautiful new round building from prying eyes. Positioning your round building in a more secluded and private spot could make it a more pleasant place to spend some time. 

Consider the View From Your Round Oak Building

Finally, consider not just who can see you, but also what you can see. You should think about a position that gives you the best possible view. Perhaps it will look out over a wider landscape, perhaps over a particularly lovely part of your garden. Or maybe it will allow you to watch the local wildlife doing its thing. 

These are just some of the things to think about when you choose where to position a round oak building. 


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