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How To Boost Kids' Imagination in a Round Oak Playhouse

A round oak playhouse can be more than just extra space to play. With a magical and out-of-the-ordinary feel, one of these round garden buildings can also boost kids’ imagination. By creating a theme inside such a magical structure, you can allow your children’s creativity to soar – sparking off all sorts of imaginative play. For example, you could:

Turn Your Round Oak Playroom into a Castle Turret

With some creative interior décor, with sumptuous fabrics, perhaps, and ornate finishes, you could turn your round garden structure into a castle turret, fit for any little prince or princess. Add a dressing up box filled with princess dresses and/or armour for would-be knights, with crowns, swords or hobby horses, and let your kids live like royalty in their own back yard. 

Make Your Round Oak Playroom a Fairy’s House

The circular structure could also be used to mimic the toadstool homes of fairy friends. Surround your new round oak garden building with plenty of beautiful flowers and lush planting, and make a magical space inside with little furniture, tea sets and pots planted up with fairy food like strawberries, peas or edible flowers. This could be the perfect place for kids to wear their fairy wings, or invite their fairy friends round for tea. It could also be the perfect place to keep a few books, and tell some fairytales together as a family.

Make Your Round Oak Playroom an Explorer’s or Naturalist’s Hide-Out

A round building could be at home in any environment – from a simple home garden to a tropical jungle, a grassy savannah, or an arid desert. Make your round playroom a special explorer’s hut, complete with binoculars to watch the local wildlife, pooters and bug traps, butterfly nets, a microscope, maps, charts and other explorer’s items. Then watch your kids head out intrepidly to explore their natural surroundings. What new corners and crazy creatures will they find?

Turn Your Round Oak Playroom into The Tip of a Rocketship

Intrepid adventurers might also enjoy a rocket ship of their own, so they can set out and explore outer space! Decorate your round playroom with space-age style features – add a control panel and perhaps some alien artefacts. The round structure lends itself perfectly to becoming the tip of a rocketship, which could set out any moment to explore the stars. Perhaps you could even use your round garden building to house a telescope – so your kids can also explore the stars for real?

These are just some of the many ways that you could boost your kids’ imagination with a round oak playhouse. The great thing about one of these round structures is that they are already a little out of the ordinary. Another fantastic thing about them is that they are versatile, and built to last, so as your kids grow and evolve, they can too. You can alter the theme and re-decorate as their skills and interests change. But whatever you do, with a round oak playroom in your garden, your kids will always have a place to give their imaginations free reign.


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