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Halloween Theme Ideas for a Round Garden Building

A round garden building can always look a little bit magical. And this Halloween, you could use this to your advantage. If you have kids, a round garden building could be a great addition to your garden. Not only can they use the space as a den throughout the year, they can also be enthralled when, each Halloween, you use it as a centrepiece for some fun Halloween theme ideas. 

So, whether you just have some fun as a family, or have some friends around, here are some ideas to help you turn a round garden building into a ‘scary’ place for spook night, with some imagination and a little bit of crafty fun:

Turn Your Round Garden Building Into a Haunted House

Something as simple as a sheet with two holes cut in it or a big dressed-up doll placed in a window could turn your round garden building into a haunted house. A few extra decorative details could turn your sanctuary space into a ghost-infested ghoulish nightmare!

Have some fun and decorate inside, perhaps adding some hidden surprises here and there and let the kids explore the haunted house. Adding some creepy lighting could add to the ambiance. And you might even play some spooky sound effects or music too. 

Turn Your Round Garden Building Into A Witch’s Gingerbread House

You might also turn a round garden building into a witch’s gingerbread house. There is all sorts of household rubbish that you could use to make your round garden building look like this fairytale building. You might do some baking with your kids and set up inside with plenty of treats (as well as a scary witch with her cage for unwary visitors) for them and their friends. 

Staying on the fairytale theme, your round garden building might also be Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house, with the big bad wolf! Have some crafting fun and you could turn your round garden building into all sorts of fairytale settings. 

Turn Your Round Garden Building Into a Wizard’s Hut, With Bubbling Potions

You might also have a magical theme, decorating your round garden building so it looks like the hut used for magic by a wizard, no ‘muggles’ allowed. Have a little fun with some simple science experiments and make some bubbling potions and strange artefacts for budding wizards to explore. 

You might even add a crooked ‘chimney’ to the roof for all the strange fumes to escape. Make this from old tin cans and aluminium foil, for example. 

Turn Your Round Garden Building Into a Troll’s Lair

Some slime and some reclaimed decorations could turn your round garden building into the lair of a terrifying troll. Perhaps the troll himself may even be there – turned into stone when caught in the sun. 

All sorts of scary monsters and fairytale creatures might have made their home in a structure that looks as magical as a round garden building. 

Turn Your Round Garden Building Into a Spider-Infested Den

If creepy crawlies freak you out, then you could get some chills down the spine if you turn your round garden building into a spider-infested den. 

You might use some natural string to make large webs over the doorway and inside, then make some spiders with reclaimed materials (like old tights, or pipe cleaners for example) to hang all over the place inside. Add some spider-themed snacks and you could be onto a winner this Halloween. 

These are just a few ideas to make the most of the magical, fairytale appearance of a round garden building to entertain kids this Halloween. With a round garden building, the stage is set for a whole raft of spooky and magical adventures. 


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