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Growing Fruit On and Around a Round Garden Building

A round garden building can become an integral and well-integrated part of your garden. It can be a useful structure in many ways. One of the many ways that you might use one is as a structure on and around which a plethora of fruit can be grown. 

Growing Fruit On a Round Garden Building

A round garden building can potentially provide a structure on and against which you can grow fruiting trees, fruit-bearing climbers, canes, or berry bushes. 

Fruit trees can potentially be shaped to grow in a range of different forms. Fan trees, espaliered specimens, and the smallest of cordon trees could all work well grown on support wires on the side of a round garden building, as long as the structure is positioned correctly and there is sufficient sun and the right growing conditions in general for the specific fruit tree or trees you wish to grow. 

Climbing plants can also produce fruit in UK gardens. Grape vines are perhaps among the most common but there are also several other fruiting climbers and vines that you might grow. Passion fruit, kiwi, hardy kiwi, and goji are just some of the options that you might be able to consider, depending on where precisely you live and the conditions to be found there. 

A wide range of fruiting canes can also be placed against the walls of a round garden building. Raspberries and blackberries and their hybrids are among the most common to consider. These can grow well and will be easier to manage and harvest if you build them a support structure against a wall in your garden. 

Many other berries can also be grown vertically against a wall, as cordons, rather than in bush form. For example, you might cordon redcurrants, white currants, or blackcurrants against your round garden building, or gooseberries that are either white/green or red in hue. There are also blueberries to grow, as long as the soil is acidic, and you can also find many other more exotic and unusual fruit bushes to consider. 

Growing Fruit Around a Round Garden Building

Of course, you might also grow further fruit around the structure itself, making the round garden building a central feature, perhaps, in a fruit orchard or forest garden. Fruit trees, berry bushes etc. can be arranged around your round garden building in many productive and beautiful designs. 

When considering how to lay out a fruit-producing garden around a round garden building, you should of course think carefully about practicalities, and about environmental factors like sunshine, shade, wind, and water. Creating a holistic design will allow you to maximise yields and make the most of all the space you have available. 

A forest garden is a productive and beautiful food-producing garden concept well worth considering for your space. This is a layered planting scheme that mimics the ecological function of a natural woodland or forest but is made up of primarily food-producing species, or species that are otherwise very useful to us or to the system as a whole. 

It can be a great idea to introduce a round garden building into the heart of such a system. It can give you a space from which to enjoy the planting scheme and view its wildlife. And it can look wonderful and provide a focal point within the overall garden design. 

One other thing to think about when integrating a round garden building into the overall design of your fruit-producing garden is how the building can beneficially impact the environmental conditions for plants growing around it. It can produce beneficial shade, for example, provide shelter, or even provide water if rainwater is harvested and directed from its roof…

Making the right decisions about where and how to grow fruit can enable you to make the most of what a round garden building can provide.


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