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Get Out in Your Garden Even During April Showers With a Round Garden Building

April is, of course, a time when many of us start spending more and more time in our gardens, whether we are simply relaxing, or getting on with the gardening jobs of the season and growing our own. 

The weather is warming, days are getting longer and longer, and many of us will enjoy many more sunny days than we have enjoyed over the previous months. Most of us in the UK will see our last frost date before the end of the month. 

But of course, while April can often be a lovely time of the year in terms of the weather – this month is also known for its April showers. As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. And it is indeed the case that rainy weather earlier in spring can lead to abundant blooms. So rather than seeing the rain as a negative – make sure that you can enjoy the season whatever the weather with a round garden building. 

A Round Garden Building Provides Security and Comfort

A round garden building can be a refuge and a retreat – a space where the outside world can simply melt away – and your outside cares, and even the weather, no longer seem to matter for a time. 

The rounded shape of one of these garden buildings makes it a particularly relaxing space to spend time in, untroubled by sharp lines and hard corners, in a bubble of comfort, warm and snug, with great acoustic properties. Even the rain itself might sound good within the comfort of its cocooning walls. 

A Round Garden Building Nestles Into Its Surroundings

With its pleasing, more organic and natural form, a round garden building can blend right into your garden, finding a place not beside the garden, but nestled right at its heart. It does not necessarily have to be pushed back right to the back of the space, as you might usually do with a rectangular garden building. 

When positioned in the right location, with the right planting around it, a round garden building can be an unobtrusive feature of the garden – blending right into the landscape and enhancing rather than detracting from the space. 

Since a round garden building can be placed right in the heart of your garden, tor within easy reach of your main growing areas, this also makes it very useful for quick retreats when the rain comes on suddenly, so you won’t have to make a dash for it and make it back indoors. 

A Round Garden Building Lets You Escape the Rain and Cold, While Still Feeling Connected to Nature

Since a round garden building will nestle into your garden, and feel more a part of the natural world around it, spending time in one, no matter what the weather, can help you to feel more connected to the natural world around you – far more connected than you might do when simply looking out onto your garden from your home. 

When a shower comes on a warm, sunny day, you might throw open the windows and doors and let nature in. But you still have the option to close things up a little more if the season still carries a bit of a chill. The flexibility is perfect for spring – when the weather can be so changeable and you might not know what weather is coming from one moment to the next. 

So, if you want to get out in your garden even during April showers, adding a round garden building to your outside space is a truly excellent choice. 


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