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Garden Rooms

A round garden room blends seamlessly into its environment in a way in which square or rectangular buildings just don’t do. With a round garden room, there are no harsh, sharp corners to break up the flowing lines of vegetative growth and undulating landscapes. While all wooden buildings can blend with their natural surroundings to an impressive degree, a round garden room can do so better than these more artificial shapes. The circle is the original organic shape – found all around us in the natural world. If you want a garden room that enhances the garden environment, round could be a good way to go.

A garden room can be a place to work or a place to play. Most of all, however, it can be a place to relax and unwind – a place to escape from the stresses and strains of our everyday lives. The circle has been shown to be a shape which soothes us. It is the shape of home – the very planet that we call home, and the image we have of the sun that gives us life. It is the cross-section of the trunk of a tree – the centre of a stem, the heart of many a flower. Because we see circles around us every day in the natural world, whether we are aware of it consciously or not, round rooms can help us feel comfortable, at home and at peace.

What is more, circles give us a sense of the earth’s natural cycles, that begin, and end in beginning again. This is appropriate for a round cedar or oak garden room, which can help us to live in a sustainable way.



Our round garden buildings are expertly assembled into a series of sections, which will be delivered to your site on an agreed upon date. The building will then be carefully erected by our own team of fully trained installers.


We are proud to deliver round garden buildings of the very highest quality. To give you peace of mind about your purchase – we offer a 10-year (structural) guarantee on each and every build. These eco-friendly structures are truly built to last.



Our unique round garden buildings are designed and manufactured right here in the UK. Not only can you rest assured that they are of the highest quality, you can also rest easy knowing that they were made close to home, and won't cost the earth (literally or metaphorically) to reach your home.


We aim to make it easier than ever to enjoy the wonders of a round garden building. You will need to arrange a suitable power supply to the side of the building, after which we see everything through until the building is ready to use, including the provision of an electrical safety certificate upon completion.


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