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Enjoy Summer Thunderstorms with a Gazebo in Your Garden

Summer thunderstorms can sometimes arrive suddenly and can put a real dampener on your outdoor activities. But when you have a gazebo in your garden, you can potentially learn to enjoy these dramatic summer thunderstorms with their awe-inspiring power and sudden deluges. You can feel their intensity and the dramatic show that nature puts on while remaining safe and protected below a gazebo structure. 

The roof will protect and shelter you from the storm, while the gazebo’s open sides allow you to feel more a part of things – more at one with the natural world and able to truly feel the awesome power of nature. 

Don’t Let Summer Thunderstorms Spoil the Fun

When you have been spending a warm or hot day out in your garden, relaxing with family or friends, having a barbecue perhaps, playing, or simply soaking up the sun, the last thing you want is to have to stop the fun when a summer thunderstorm suddenly arrives. 

Before, you will likely have had to pack up and head indoors if the clouds opened. But with a gazebo in your garden, you can remain outside and let the fun continue – if in a slightly different way. You will not have to retreat indoors at the first sign of dark clouds on the horizon. 

Feel the Awesome Power of Nature Safely

A gazebo is a little different from a garden building of some kind because in a gazebo, you will be covered overhead but still be outdoors – without walls around you. 

This means that you can still feel more connected to the natural world and its electrical changes, the pressure changes and temperatures, the sights, smells, and sounds. You can remain a little sheltered and safe but still feel the awesome power of a summer thunderstorm around you. 

Of course, some common sense is needed if the storm is immediately overhead. But most of the time, you will be perfectly safe enjoying the summer thunderstorm from below a garden gazebo’s roof. 

Enjoy Nature’s Dramatic Show from Your Garden Gazebo

There is something very special about the smell of a garden as it is hit by heavy rain after a prolonged dry and sunny spell. 

And hearing thunder and perhaps even seeing lightning can be a truly awe-inspiring experience. A gazebo in your garden allows you to remain outdoors to enjoy the spectacle. 

From a gazebo, you can have the perfect vantage point while remaining safe and dry to enjoy a summer thunderstorm with all its sound and fury. You can enjoy the show while also feeling in some ways connected to and part of it. 

Children will often feel the excitement of a summer storm, but this is something that as adults, many have lost. Sometimes, we need to step out of our busy lives and try to regain something of what we often lose as we age. We need to remember how we felt as children when the heavens opened in the summer and we went out to dance in the rain. 

When we spend time in a gazebo, hearing heavy rain thundering on the roof and the claps of thunder, looking at lighting flashes or forks on the horizon, we can potentially regain some of that childhood wonder. We can feel once more that sense of excitement at what the natural world around us can do. 

And yes, if you feel like it, whatever your age, you can step out from under the canopy of the garden gazebo and dance in the rain. It might just be just what is needed after a searingly hot summer.


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