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Enjoy Autumnal Crafts in a Round Garden Building

A round garden gives you some space to enjoy crafting and other creative pursuits, even if you do not have a lot of space inside your home. Your garden can offer plenty of resources that you can use for crafting, so you likely won’t have to look far to find fun things for your creative projects. We want to show you just how much crafting fun you can have in a round garden building. So here are just some of the autumnal crafts that such as space could allow you to enjoy at this time of the year:

Have Some Crafty Fun With Autumn Leaves

During the autumn, a round garden building is a perfect place from which to enjoy the displays of autumnal leaf colour. It can also be a good space to enjoy some of the many crafts that you can consider to make use of the foliage. You could make mobiles of autumn leaves, or a range of other artworks or decorations for your home, for example. 

Play Around With Some Dried Flowers and Herbs

Your round garden building could also be a good place to enjoy drying flowers, or working on various different projects with the flowers that you have dried. You might work with dried lavender, or dried rose petals, for example, to make things to make your home smell great. You might also use dried herbs and flowers not just for decorative purposes but also for things like teas and tinctures to keep you and your family healthy over the colder months to come. 

Use Plant Fibres From Your Garden

Another interesting project to consider in your round garden building is preparing and using plant fibres from your garden. Plants like stinging nettles, for example, can be stripped and dried and used to make natural garden twine, or used in a range of other fun craft projects. You might even experiment with turning plant fibres into yarns and fabrics.

Explore the Use of Natural Dyes

You might also use ingredients from your garden to make your own natural dyes for art, and for the yarns and fabrics you might make. There are a range of different plants which yield natural dyes, and you might even be able to use vegetable scraps and other waste materials too. 

Make Use of Willow Whips and Other Branches

Another idea that you might like to consider when spending time in your round garden building is basketry. Willow whips and other bendy branches, and even strips of bark, can often be used to make some beautiful baskets and other items for your home or garden. Learning age-old crafts like basketry can be a great way to make the most of this new space in your garden. 

Work with Other Wood From Your Garden

You might also be able to learn some basic woodworking or carpentry skills, and work with green wood from your garden, or reclaimed materials, to make household items and furniture for your home. There is a range of different ways to get started and skill-building in ancient crafts can help you not only have fun but also live in a more sustainable way. 

Make Decorative Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds

Whether you have grown them in your own garden, or bought them in, decorating pumpkins squash and gourds can be a fun activity in the run-up to Halloween or Samhain. Whether you are having fun with kids, carving Halloween pumpkins, or enjoying creative pursuits and honing your artistry on your own with intricately carved decorative gourds, your round garden building can be the perfect relaxing space to enjoy these pastimes. 

Of course, these are just a few simple ideas. There are plenty of other autumnal crafts that you might enjoy in a round garden building once the main summer harvests in your garden are over and you find yourself with a little more time. When you have a round garden building, the space might inspire you to try a range of new things. 


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