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Dine Outdoors Earlier in Spring with a Garden Gazebo

Being able to dine outdoors is one of the wonderful things about the warmer months of the year. With a garden gazebo, you can dine outdoors earlier in the spring and can worry less about the weather forecast since, come rain or shine, you can dine surrounded by the fresh air and nature of your garden but with a roof over your head.  

Investing in a beautiful wooden gazebo for your garden could mean that you could greatly expand the period of time each year that you can spend really enjoying your garden. Eating alfresco is one of the joys of the warmest months, but inclement weather in spring or autumn can mean that we can really only enjoy this activity in the summer. With a gazebo, you may be able to dine outdoors in the shoulder seasons too. 

Why Dine Outdoors?

Eating al fresco, in the fresh air, is a pleasing activity. While eating a good meal can give us a lot of pleasure wherever we are, being able to dine outdoors turns any meal into something a little extra special. 

From fine dining in a beautiful location to something simple and much more informal like a picnic or a barbecue, being outdoors allows us to breathe the fresh air and delight in the simple sights, sounds and smells of the natural world around us. 

Being outdoors and in the open air can even make food taste better and perhaps make us delight more in our company too. 

So whether you are dining with a loved one, enjoying a romantic meal together, relaxing with an informal meal with family or friends, or staging a more formal dinner party, dining outdoors can really enhance the experience. 

Escape Spring Showers with a Garden Gazebo

Unfortunately of course, even in the summer months, the British weather can leave something to be desired. Like goldilocks, you might have to wait a long time for a day that is ‘just right’. 

Sometimes rain may halt play and prevent you from dining outdoors as planned, even in summer. Wind may threaten to blow you all away. Even in brilliant sunshine, we can have a problem, as things heat up too much for it to be enjoyable eating outdoors. 

When you invest in an attractive garden gazebo, you can often dine outdoors, even when the weather is less than ideal, with a roof over your head. 

This not only means that you will be able to enjoy this activity more often in the summer months but also that you will be able to extend the period during which you dine outdoors – bringing outdoor dining onto the agenda for spring and autumn, as well as just during the warmest part of the year. 

Work With Food Inches Rather than Food Miles

When people are trying to live more sustainably, one key goal is to eat food grown as locally as possible, to reduce food miles and thereby cut our carbon footprints. Of course, you cannot get any more local than your very own garden. 

When you grow your own in your garden and can perhaps cook and eat it there too, we are looking at food feet or food inches – certainly not food miles. And many will find it super satisfying to be able to grow, prepare, cook and eat food all in their very own gardens. 

When you chow down on a homemade meal made from homegrown produce in a beautiful wooden gazebo, you might be able to look out onto the attractive and productive garden where the food you are eating was grown. 


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