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Connect With Nature With Your Own Round Oak Garden Room

The more that we learn about the natural world, the more we learn that everything is connected. Trees communicate with one another through vast natural forest webs of organisms below the soil, and through chemical messages sent through the air. Plants can ‘hear’ caterpillars eating their leaves and send messages to warm other plants nearby. Complex cycles of plants and animals, weather and water flow fret intricate patterns over the face of our planet. We humans, however, often forget that we are part of the natural world. We often see ourselves as separate and above, when in fact we too are just part of the whole. A round oak garden room can help us reconnect with the natural world.

An Oak Garden Room Helps Us Connect With Plant Life

We spend a lot of our lives indoors. But a round oak garden room can become a conduit between indoors and outdoors. By blending and softening the boundary between the inside of our homes and the natural abundance outside in our gardens, an oak garden room can help us to connect with the trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants that are responsible for keeping us alive. Whether we bring the outdoors indoors with a range of houseplants that thrive in a sunny oak-framed garden room, or simply gaze out at the plants in our gardens, an oak garden room can help us to feel closer to our local flora.

An Oak Framed, Rounded Garden Room Helps Us Connect With Local Wildlife

Our gardens are not just for us humans. Gardens can also be used to attract, house, feed and support a wide range of other creatures. Gazing out from an oak garden room can allow you to become on closer terms with the fauna of your garden. Placing bird feeders just outside, for example, can allow us to watch our feathered friends, and do our part to help out our avian visitors. By placing a wildlife pond just outside our garden room, we can sit and watch a range of mammals, aquatic creatures and amphibians going about their business, as we go about our own.

An Oak Garden Room Helps Us Reconnect With Our Own Intrinsic Natures

Looking out on the green of our gardens from an oak garden room can allow us not only to enjoy the plant and animal life but to feel like more of a part of the natural system. By getting closer to nature, even inside our own homes, we can feel closer to nature and reconnect with our own, intrinsic natural selves. It has been proven that when we see natural green, leafy vegetation, this makes us feel calmer. We are naturally dwellers of forest glades and woodland clearings, and this intrinsic quality has not left us even now we are surrounded by the urban jungles, metal, concrete and tarmac of the modern world. A garden room built in oak wood can somehow help us feel truly at home, in a way that other, more modern materials cannot. It can help remind us of our own core natures, and of the role, we play in our planet’s natural cycles as the animals that we are. 


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