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A Gazebo Could Be the Perfect Addition to a Food Forest

A wooden gazebo is a structure that can work well in many different spaces. One great thing to consider is how a gazebo might become a key feature within a food forest, or forest garden planting scheme. 

What is a Food Forest?

A food forest is a planting scheme that mimics a natural forest or woodland ecosystem. But the species commonly found in a tree-based ecosystem are replaced with specific species that are chosen to provide benefits to us, as well as to the system as a whole. 

Food forests are carefully planned gardens, that may look wild and natural but actually carefully planned. They are layered planting schemes, with trees, shrubs, climbers, herbaceous perennials, self-seeding annuals, and roots below the soil. 

All the plants chosen for such a scheme are designed to work well with one another, and with the wildlife present in an area. And they bring amazing abundance and biodiversity to a space, providing a wealth of food, medicine, fuels, fibers, dyes, crafting materials, and other resources for people, and plenty also for other creatures who share our space. 

Food forests are a type of garden that can provide a lot for people and the environment. And incorporating this type of symbiotic planting into your garden design is a wonderful way to care for people and the planet. 

Food forests also provide wonderful spaces for human enjoyment and recreation. And thinking carefully about man-made structures that might also be incorporated into a design can allow you to really make the most of all the space you have available. 

Why a Gazebo Works Well in a Food Forest Design

A wooden gazebo looks rustic and natural and therefore looks very much at home in a planting scheme that mimics a natural environment. A food forest is a wonderful example of such a system, and so is a space in which a wooden gazebo could certainly look very much at home. 

Having a space for recreation and relaxation within a food forest will truly allow you to experience the beauty and abundance around you. And a structure with open sides will help you feel more a part of the system as a whole, and more connected to the plants and wildlife around you. 

A gazebo will give you a space to prepare or eat your harvest, with a little protection from the elements. And it will allow you to fully appreciate the increased abundance and biodiversity that this type of garden can bring. 

Where to Place a Gazebo in a Forest Garden

You can place a gazebo right in the midst of a forest garden, in the dappled shade below the canopy of the trees. And perhaps grow climbers and vines over the structure itself as well as in the surrounding layered planting, so that the space feels fully enveloped in green. 

Or you can place a gazebo in a more open glade within a food forest – in a sunny space between the dense and lush planting, where it feels like a tranquil oasis in the heart of your productive woodland-type ecosystem. 

Where exactly you place your gazebo, and how you incorporate it into your food forest design is up to you. But wherever you choose to place it, it is clear that it can be an excellent addition to your sustainable garden scheme. 


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